Misty Guitar Chords Lesson

Song Background
The Classic Song “Misty” was written in 1954 by pianist Errol Garner. Originally written as an instrumental, lyrics were later added by Johnny Burke. Featured in the 1971 Clint Eastwood film “Play Misty For Me”, the song has been covered by many famous artists incuding Johnny Mathis, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Frank Sanatra. This song always comes to my mind when I think of a minor 3rd interval, the first interval in the tune. I cover the theory behind intervals and recalling intervals in my guitar lessons.  My recommended listening is listed below.
Suggested Listening

Joe Robinson

Album – Time Jumpin

Named “Best New Talent” in guitar player magazine 2010 reader poll, Australian guitarist Joe Robinson began touring at the age of 11 with Australian artists such as Tommy Emmanual. This is a great version of Misty performed on a steel strung guitar. Listen out for the walking bass line.

Ella Fitzgerald

Album -Ella in Berlin

Never disappointing, another great vocal from Ella Fitzgerald. Listen closely to her phrasing of the melody.

Ahmad Jamal

Album – Digital Works

I love the great big block chords at the start of this version of Misty. Although as guitarists we can’t quite get the same effect as pianists, we can still make great use of block chords.

Wes Montgomery

Album – Smokin at the Half Note

Just as with Ella, listen to Wes’ phrasing on this one. Although he’s playing around with the melody, you’re never in doubt which song you’re listening to. This is great skill to acquire and something I cover in our modular guitar lessons. Wes also plays a great single line solo, very bluesy.

Joe Pass

Album – Vituoso #2

If you’re up for it, Joe Pass is great to transribe. You can learn so much from trying to figure out what he is doing. Transcribing is great for your playing. Rather than learning from TAB, it is much more beneficial to listen hard to your favourite pieces by your favourite players, as you have to do when transcribing. It gets you really close to the music.

Which artist’s version of Misty would you recommend? Tell me about it and I can feature it here