Cry me a River Combined Arrangement Guitar Measures 17 & 18

This lesson will teach you how to play measures 17 & 18 of the Combined Arrangement Guitar version of Cry me a River. To listen to the Guitar Tab for the whole song go to the COMBINED ARRANGEMENT GUITAR TAB video. An essential part of any performance of an arrangement of a tune is that the melodic line should be heard clearly above the accompanying notes. Go to the MELODY Measures 17 & 18 page to revise the melody for these measures. If you want to impress, let that melody fly! Go to the CHORDS Measures 17 & 18 page to revise the chords for these measures.

Video Script:

In this combined arrangement for solo guitar, the melody in these two measures is basically kept true to the original melody, but is harmonised by the accompanying chords

when you’re practising this, following the Guitar Tabs on the bottom of the video screen, take each part nice and slowly, trying to bring out the melody above the harmonising notes