“Cry me a River” Guitar Lesson

The song “Cry me a River”, by Arthur Hamilton, is a jazzy blues ballad originally written for Ella Fitzgerald. It’s first release however, and most famous recording, was by singer / actress Julie London in 1955.

It is arranged here in the key of C, which is a good key for the guitar. Take the song step by step. First of all learn the chords, the chord progression and then the melody. Once you’re comfortable with what you’ve learned go on and have a go at the combined arrangement which combines the melody with elements of the chords.


Combined Arrangement

In the chord version of this fingerstyle guitar lesson the right hand generally follows a P I M A picking pattern with the

thumb “p” playing the 6th, 5th and 4th strings

the index finger “i” playing the 3rd string

the middle finger “m” playing the 2nd string

and the ring finger “a” playing the 1st string

The arrangement is written in the key of C

in the guitar chords lesson, open chords are mainly used

that is, chords using open strings

before you learn the chords, view the chord performance video and the moving TAB video to familiarise yourself with the whole tune, and then you can go into the individual 2 bar lessons when you need to

once you’ve started to get the chords under your fingers, have a look at the melody version

again, start by viewing the performance version and the video TAB to familiarise yourself

once you’ve learned both the chords and the melody, why not try playing the melody along with the chord performance version of the tune and vice versa the chords along with the melody version of the tune

once you’ve got both the chords of the tune and the melody sorted, try the third version of the tune that uses elements of both

again, there is a performance and video TAB version that you should view to familiarise yourself with the arrangement before you start

best of luck with “Cry me a River”

tackle it a step at a time and you’ll be playing music before you know it