Over the Rainbow Guitar Lesson Melody Tab

Use this Melody Tab to familiarise yourself with the song. Try following the Tab as the music plays and picture your left hand moving to the different notes. The Tab is broken down in the In detail Video Lessons section. For an overview of all the Over the Rainbow melody teaching resources go back to the Guitar lesson Melody page.

Following the Tab

Follow the Tab as the music plays, imagining your fingers moving to the different fret positions. This type of internalisation is great for developing your inner ear.

A note on guitar tablature

tablature communicates music by indicating where and when to put our fingers on the guitar fretboard

the six lines in the guitar tablature represent the six strings of the guitar

the bottom line represents the sixth string E

the fifth line represents the fifth string A

the fourth line represents the fourth string D

the third line represents the third string G

the second line represents the second string B

the first line represents the first string E

The numbers on the lines indicate what notes should be played on the fretboard and where. For instance, a “1” on the first line would indicate that the note at the 1st fret on the first line should could be played. The tablature does not necessarily tell us what finger should be used. For direction on fingerings, go to the In detail video lessons page

For a lesson on guitar tablature, go to the guitar tab tutorial