I’m Beginning To See The Light

Some more footage from Cafe Tibo in Glasgow. Myself, Alan Geddes, and Olivia Ennemoser performing the classsic song Duke Ellington song I’m beginning to see the Light. Click here to go to my songbook page for the song where you’ll find some background, analysis and suggested listening


  1. robert moehle says

    Hi – hope this is relevant. One criterion I use for listening to jazz and jazz type music is – would I go to a restaurant or club to see the performer? In your case especially with the duo – yes, I would! You and Ms. Ennenmoser have a performing style I really like – doing a great job of keeping the “song outline” and performing it with an ease and skill that to me make up the essence of jazz. And no overplaying! Just noticed Corcovado too – that is well done also.
    I noticed the fingerstyle lessons and signed up. A lot of excellent material – thank you.

    • alan@fingerpickingguitar.org says

      Nice of you to say Robert. I’ve just copied your comment to Olivia…..it’s great to get feedback. I saw that you signed up for the mailing list, hope you enjoy the site and if you’ve got any questions about any of the material feel free to email me, more than happy to help.



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